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More White Mtns pics!

Hi, all...

Had an excellent adventure with Howeler and Silent Bob on Saturday. SB already posted some pics, ultra-sweet! Here's my batch. Some are the same, but I've included them as links to the large-format versions. Click a picture or caption to view a 1280x1024 version.

We found Howeler
hiding in the bushes on the far edge of Grandview Campground at 8800' elevation. The thin air was affecting his behaviour.

The view from Grandview Campground

After hanging out for about 1/2 hour, we drove up the hill to the Crooked Creek Road at about 10,500' elevation, then began riding. The mountain spared us not, as the road became quite steep almost immediately.

This section of road was paved
, making travel a little more comfortable. The only reason I can see for the pavement, however, was that the grade increased by a few percent in this one-mile stretch.

No place for family sedans!
This poor bastid had flatted his regular tire, then flatted his spare. D'OH! The note on the dashboard said "Gone for tow truck."

Silent Bob and Howeler take a break
just above 11,400' elevation.

Neat rock formations
at 11,800' elevation. Truly a desert environment.

The view into Nevada
, with lateral mountain ranges as far as the eye could see. This was a 120-mile-visibility day.

White Mountain Peak
in the background. This shot was taken from our high point at just over 11,800' elevation. From here, we dropped 1500' in about 3 or 4 minutes.

Silent Bob and Howeler riding through Cottonwood Basin
en route to the trailhead. We made a wrong turn up a road that isn't really on the map, and ended up bushwacking a bit to locate the trail. Turns out the trail starts just across the creek from an excellent campsite at the end of a minor fork of the road.

Riding the Cottonwood Creek Trail
, once we found it, was quite pleasant in spots, but thoroughly overgrown and hard to follow.

Howeler riding through an aspen grove.

Things that make you go "Hmmmm..."
This poor fellow died about 1989. What a lovely final resting place.

Howeler on the climb out of Cottonwood Creek
up a tributary stream. This is just above our low point at 9400' elevation. This exit trail was extremely hard to spot, and I was glad to have my GPS and map along.

Aspen trees on a ridge
near the start of the climb out.

Silent Bob cruising through aspen trees
on the climb. This trail only lasted for about 1/2 mile before connecting with a nice doubletrack through some of the most beautiful aspen groves and meadows. Shortly after hitting the doubletrack, we passed a cow camp with two old log cabins.

The rest of the climb left me too trashed to take any more pictures, but rest assured, it was just as scenic and quite peaceful. We arrived at the top of Crooked Creek Road about 6-1/2 hours after the start, well taxed and ready for some barley pop.

The Palisades
in the distant Sierra Nevada. I snapped this shot the following morning. The Palisades are the highest concentration of 14K peaks in California. LEFT to RIGHT: Birch Mountain, The Thumb, Middle Palisade (w/glacier), Norman Clyde Peak (w/glacier), Palisade Crest (long ridge), Mount Jepson, Mount Sill (appears highest), North Palisade, Thunderbolt Peak, Mount Winchell, and Mount Agassiz

Well, that's all, folks. Enjoy!

Posted by Tom Kenney a 34 year old riding a Klein Attitude from Reseda, CA on 09/16/02

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  • Re: More White Mtns pics!

    Excellent time Tom! Great pics too. Let's do another Epic sometime.

    If we do this again I'm bringing the O2 bottle!

    Posted by Howeler riding a really heavy FSR on 09/19/02

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  • Re: More White Mtns pics!

    I second Freaky's 'wow'...!!!

    awesome shots man...
    Posted by CrzyRidr3 on 09/17/02

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  • Re: More White Mtns pics!

    you take very good pictures.
    Posted by Mpilot a 45 year old Cross-Country from la on 09/17/02

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  • Re: More White Mtns pics!

    Posted by Freaky franky a 39 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Raven 4000sx hanebrink g7 from Malibu on 09/16/02

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  • Re: More White Mtns pics!

    Awesome posting/update as usual! Looks like you guys had quite the adventure ('bushwacking, GPS, backtracking, trail was extremely hard to spot', etc.). AND "6-1/2 hours after the start" at elevation, you da man, Tom!
    Count me in for the next epic! I'll bring my GPS just in case <:')=
    Posted by Dewman a 33 year old Cross-Country riding a Fisher X-Caliber from Newhall on 09/16/02

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  • Re: More White Mtns pics!

    "The Palisades" just became my new wallpaper, unseating me, Jefe, El Santo, Dark Helmet and Dusty flying 818 the bird!!! Great shots you guys; that's amazing country. I think I would have been better off with you guys on Saturday....:)

    Posted by OPP riding a Giant Bullit on 09/16/02

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