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Crystal Lake / Hwy 39
Best way to do this is to shuttle it. Park a car at the bottom of the 39 in Azusa and then drive up Angeles Crest highway 2 until you get to Islip saddle where the road is closed and the top of the 39. Go past the road closed sign and bomb down the abanoded highway. After about 10 miles make a left up to crystal lake and follow the road for about 2 miles. Then ride back down and finish the 39. Its all paved road execpt for about 1,000 feet where the road is washed out up by the 2. This is awesome beacause there is no one around. Fun to do on a road bike, mtn bike or bmx bike.
Posted by TFish a 23 year old Downhiller riding a DiamondBack Response from Long Beach on 10/07/08

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  • Re: Crystal Lake / Hwy 39
    The road to Crystal Lake is now open, soft opening by Cal Trans was April 22, 2011. The road has been closed for 9 years, bridges have been replaced and ready to go. Snow at the 6000 feet elevation but road clear. Nice and green from the recent storms! Snack bar open now too.

    Posted by CrystalLakeSnackBar a 52 year old from Azusa on 03/31/11
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