Thanks for your interest in our WebSites. and are interactive Websites for all bicyclists around the World. We started in July 1996 in Southern California with Thanks to you, we now are expanding and offering our services to the rest of the US and the World. With the release of, Internet Bikers now have a Website just for them with local Trailheads (the original online update site), Clubs, Bike Shops, BuddyBoard, MessageBoard, as well as Ads, Calendar, Messages and more...

We offer sponsorship opportunities on our Websites as well as services to help you effectively and efficiently promote your products and services via the Internet. By advertising with us, you can capture the audience already visiting our highly trafficked Biking Websites through banner ads or sponsorships that will direct our users to your own Website. For businesses wishing to establish an Internet presence, we offer custom Website design and hosting services as well.

We offer a number of ways for Local Bike Shops and others to promote themselves:

Bike Link Central
We have one of the most complete and up to date bike link databases on the Web. Just click ADD/EDIT URL to add or update your link listing with us. The database can be edited by the each website owner, so you are able to change your link info and keep it up to date. You should stop by and check your link. We also offer our Bike Link Central to use on your site. You can customize it with your logo, selection of menu items, background, frames, and your own links page if you want. We would be very pleased to have you use our service. It means you no longer have to worry about your Links page. We will maintain the database on our server and all the cgi scripts. If you are interested in using this service, please E-mail us at Contact Us and let us know.
Banner Ads
Banners Ads are available on various pages within our Websites. A banner includes a graphic and link to your Website. Banners are positioned at the top of our pages in order to ensure your banner receives an immediate impression. We will also report to you on a monthly basis how many impressions and click-throughs your banner received. Our standard banner ad size is 468x60 or 400x40, less than 20K, jpg or .gif, animation ok. . We can deliver your ad on a run-of-the-site basis, or to specific geographic locations (continents, countries, states). The rate starts as low as $20 a month. Are advertisers average about 1,500 banners a day with click-throughs of about 12 a day. Click here to see todays stats. We offer some of the lowest CPM in the industry, as low as $0.50 per 1,000 impressions. E-mail us at Contact Us so we can make arrangements and start running your banner today. We also can provide expert assistance in building banner ads.
Local Bike Shop Listing
Each Bike Shop listed with us has a page listing shop info, address, phone, hours, services, E-mail & Website. Just click Bike Shop Listings, find your shop from our list or click ADD YOUR SHOP to add one, then click the Open Icon and then Edit LBS Info. We also list LBS Friends of on our Trail, Bike Shop, & Local Homepages. If you would like to be a friend of please E-mail us at Contact Us with your name and phone.
Event and Ride Calendar
If you have weekly or other rides make sure to click ADD BIKE EVENT or ADD WEEKLY RIDE and tell us and 100's of local Bikers about it. You can add a link to your Website for more info with each posting.
Trailheads and RoadRides
Help keep our Trailhead listings updated by going to TRAILHEADS finding your local trails or click ADD TRAILHEAD to add one. Add an update and link to your Website for more info. We are currently working on an Adopt-A-Trail program where a local bike shop can adopt any of our trailheads. If you would like to adopt a trail please E-mail us at Contact Us
TechTalk MessageBoard
On our TechTalk MessageBoard we offer a link if you would like to be listed as one of our Professional Mechanics. If you would like to be added to this page, E-mail us at Contact Us
Web Design and Creation can help you design Webpages for your business. These pages can include a mix of text, graphics, sound clips, video clips and photos, as well as interactive forums. We realize that Bike Shops have differing needs and budgets, so we have developed Web packages with different levels of services based on your specific needs.
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