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Riley County

Randolph ORV - Randolph

Drive north out of Manhattan on Hwy 24/77. Stay on 77 north for about 20 miles. Take a right onto county road 984 (I think) and follow for about a quarter mile, watch for sign and turn right following the road until you hit the parking lot 2 miles later. Ask directions if you can't find it. You'll get there and it's worth the drive!
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  1. Randolph ORV Trails - This is popular for jeeps and cycles but awesome for bicycles. This is a trail for the daring. You can ride anywhere you want, it isn't single track. Lots of routes are steep, rocky descents with sharp or round rocks and boulders, steep grades and off camber surfaces. It takes great riding skills to stay on the bike and there are expert class drops or routes if you chose. Ledges may have technical approaches with 1 to 10 foot drops. Bring your body armor!!!
    Ride rating: Advanced
    Ride distance: varies Elevation change: 200 ft
    Singletrack=10% Dirt Road=10% Truck Trail=60%
    Jason Lind a 28 year old Weekend Warrior from Wamego,KS E-mail:
    Posted on 10/21/01 Kansas Edition HomePage
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