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Paging AZ riders - SoCal rider needs trail info

AZ riders, I'm from SoCal and I will be visiting the inlaws this weekend in AZ. They live Paradise Valley.

Does anyone have suggestions and possibly quick easy directions to good XC trails in the area. I ride a hardtail and not looking to do some of the more ultra-techy trails I've seen posted here before. Just some nice single track with intermediate tech sections would be perfect.

Someone on another board mentioned Trail 100. Does anyone have any info on that trail? Thanks.

Thanks for the help!
Posted by Bob W a 31 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Giant XTC Hardtail from Oceanside on 04/24/03

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  • Re: Paging AZ riders - SoCal rider needs trail info

    Good luck. No one seems to do much posting here. I don't know the area well, but there's some fun stuff over by thumb butte. Hit one of the shops and tell them what you're looking for. Also, I'm visiting this weekend and my father dropped me a line to tell me there's a race there.

    I post over at

    Posted by ZG a 33 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Sugar 2 & an R F X from Sherman Oaks on 04/30/03

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