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Dyno Moto Glide 4-Spd for SALE $200 obo
$200.00 obo
Underneath its smokin' kandy purple ghost flame paint job, the Moto Glide is stuffed to the gills. Front end amenities include:
Double Down forks,
ape hanger bars,
a billet piston stem
and machined aluminum grips.

Power is supplied by a Shimano four speed rear hub and a CNC'ed aluminum chainring.

Disc brakes keep things in control and Dyno Fireball tires put the rubber to the road.

ADDED: Chrome bullet-style front headlamp.

PLEASE NOTE: Left Side rear triangle was hit by a car while riding. Unbelievably, no scratches, but it is slightly bent. It can be repaired. Just needs to be bent back. It's still ridable, nothing rubs.

No delivery, pick-up only.
Posted by Martinez a Downhiller riding a Scott cro-mo rigid something-homebuilt from Tucson on 11/27/02

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