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Bikeway Maps
Bikeway maps from MAG & Wide World of Maps contain numerous inaccuracies. I'm working to revise the MAG map for my own website. I also will make it friendlier for on-line use by converting to GIF files--the 8.1 Mb single-page PDF file takes half an hour to load on my screen (w/56K modem & Pentium 100). If I Alt-Tab between windows, the Acrobat viewer has to start over from scratch!
I have pretty good coverage of central Phx routes, but I could use some scouting reports from other areas. If you have either map, and you know of inaccuracies, join my site and post to the appropriate msg. board so I can put your info on the map.
Due to MSN Communities limitations beyond my control, you have to join the site to view most of the pages, including the maps, anyway. So I'm including a link to my "What's New" page, instead.

Note: The site is in a major transition; I have trouble navigating it, myself; so wear your hardhat. Here's a link that will hopefully get you to the maps after you join:

Posted by XUZME a 56 year old Road Warrior riding a Nishike 21-speed Mtn Bike from Phx on 02/15/02

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