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mt. bike buddy to show me around Tucson trails
Hi, I'm Carmen, I'm looking for a mountain bike buddy. A few facts about me mt. biking wise: well, I just got back to Tucson after an 8-year absence, and I wasn't much into mt. biking when I lived here. I got into mt. biking in a big way while living in Flagstaff for the last 3 years. I used to have a Specialized Rockhopper that I upgraded with disc brakes, eggbeater pedals, and an expensive gel-cushioned Dolce women's saddle, but it was stolen by a ne'er-do-well one night when I negligently and stupidly left it locked up downtown overnight (do I sound bitter? I am). I had gotten really good at mt. biking by last summer, but my bike was stolen during the winter, before the ground thawed, so I didn't get any springtime biking in.

I recently bought a rebuilt Specialized Hard Rock with absolutely no upgrades (unless you count heavy-duty tubes I put in after 2 flats, lol). This is all I can afford at the moment! So I cannot go on any crazy bike-shredding rides, and I won't be able to keep up with good bikes or with good riders for that matter, as I have not ridden offroad really since last year. That said, I'm in pretty good shape what with constant bike commuting since I bought this bike beginning of June and my regular judo practice. I think I could become good again fairly quickly if I just get back out on the trails.

So I would like to find someone friendly and accomodating who wants a bike buddy and is willing to help a relative newcomer out. I'm looking to find a partner for those long rides that might be hazardous alone, also someone who can advise me, knows good trails for my level, can show me around, and for companionship on rides. Mornings or evenings for obvious reasons (I'm not interested in dying of heatstroke). Let me know if you want to ride!

Posted by Carmelita26 a 26 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Specialized Hard Rock mt. bike from Tucson on 08/05/09

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