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Bikes on Line
Lessons Learned from buying a bike online: I bought a bike from this past month. shipped the bike via UPS. When it arrived the box look like it took a direct hit from a 500lb bomb!
It had major holes in it and someone made feeble attempts to tape the holes and the edges of the battered box. However the damage my bike received was extensive. Both forks suffered huge chips in the paint-down to gray metal. The pedal stems suffered large scraps-again to the bare metal. The frame received a deep scratch and a long , deep gouge-to the metal.
Bikes direct offered a refund $50.00 to my credit card as "cosmetic refund. Or, I could obtain packing materials, strip the bike by 10%, and send it back to them. I learned that the damage to the bike would exceed the $50.00. Moreover, the time, money, and the effort spent to return the bike also exceed the $50.00. I finally opted to live with the damage. Bikesdirect communicates only with e-mails. I could not find any other means to contact them.
After this experience, I will never buy a bike online again.

Posted by Jboone70 a 65 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Motorbecane FS from Tucson AZ on 04/03/09

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