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Looking for parks
I am bringing my son on two week trip to Arizona, we are from RI. He isn't thrilled about losing 2 weeks of riding time. I thought I would surprise him and take him and his bike to a few parks while we are out there. Any help???
Posted by Haro rider's Mom on 06/07/01

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  • Re: Looking for parks
    My name is Scott and I live in the Phoenix metro area. If you could let me know where in the state you will be and what kind of bike your son rides I would be more than happy to pass along some cool spots. You said he rides a Haro but did you mean BMX or mountain bike. I am a single Dad with two teenagers and can appreciate your dilema!!! Good luck!!!
    Posted by Scotty a 36 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Cannondale F400 from Phoenix, AZ on 06/07/01

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