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Weekday Rides
Seeking weekday ride partners. I'm off mon thru wed and every other thurs, live in the east valley. Love Mcdowell Mtn Park and Hawes. I have an annual pass for Maricopa County Parks. If free e-mail me. Nothing too extreme, just fun!
Posted by Dirtluvraz a 43 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Kona from Chandler on 05/02/05

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  • Re: Weekday Rides
    I don't get too many chances to ride my mtn. bike during the week, but always look for riding buddies for the weekends. I am also trying to partner with anyone in the east valley that wants to road ride, as I'm hoping to train enough to ride the Tour de Farm this coming fall in Queen Creek. I'm doing 20-30 mile road rides and am getting a little nervous out there by myself!!

    If you find yourself free on a weekend (super early during the summer!!), let me know. I haven't road Hawes nor McDowell yet, but have been to South Mountain and Usery many times. Usery is just up the road for me..
    Posted by Martin Bonadio a 35 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Scattante CFR road bike from Mesa AZ on 07/23/05

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