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female bicyclist looking for riding buddy
Hi, my name is Carmen Speer and I recently (in mid January) bought a 21 speed mountain bike and am looking to really try it out. I have been using it for transportation but alas not for recreation or competetition, and am seriously striving toward the goal of cycling the tour de tucson in November. I'd like to start training now, in the mornings, and I need someone(s) to ride with. Any info on Tucson-area bike clubs would be useful, or anyone who lives in the mid-town area (near the U of A) and would like a biking buddy, please reply.
Posted by Carmen a 18 year old Racer riding a Palomar GT from Tucson, AZ on 04/01/01

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  • Re: female bicyclist looking for riding buddy
    Hello Carmen what's up if you want to ride e-mail me or you can call me 325-1793 i live by columbus and grant... but anyway i'm always having to motivate lazy friends to ride... i don't know about the tour de tucson i mainly stick to offroad...i just got back from Moab a couple weeks ago and after giving the bod a rest i've been biking about 4 days a week... so if interested contact me...
    Posted by Neopsych a 24 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Bianchi superbee from Tucson on 06/02/01

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  • Re: female bicyclist looking for riding buddy
    Male 36 rider looking for partner for riding on the night of the 27 in tucson or the 28, 29 in Phonix. I will be on a business trip to Phoenix. Should I take my bike, or maybe rent for just one day, do you know trails near by...
    Posted by Bill Duran a 36 year old Weekend Warrior riding a K2 Proflex 5000) from Monterrey, N.L. Mexico on 11/06/01

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