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Looking for riding partners
Hello, My wife and I recently got into Mountain biking and we would like to find a beginner that would enjoy riding with us. We have gone out a couple of times but we would like to find someone like us who are new to the sport and feels comfortable at our pace. We would prefer a female rider to make my wife more comfortable but men are welcome to reply as well. We are riding mostly on the street right now taking 20-30 mile rides on the weekends to train for the MS150 ride in November. If you are new to the sport and would like to join us for weekend rides (or weeknight please write to us. You can write her or to AZDOBERMAN@CS.COM

We mostly ride to a coffeehouse and have a cup-a-joe nd a light bagel or something and return home. After the ride in November we would liketo start again on the trails at South Mountain, Papago or even take a ride up north to Flagstaff or Presott. We live in Scottsdale and we are 32 & 36 years of age.

We look forward to hearing from you
Posted by Rick and Kristina a 30's year old Weekend Warrior riding a Klein Mantra and Voodoo Bokor from Scottsdale AZ on 10/07/01

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  • Re: Looking for riding partners
    My wife, duaghter and myself recently moved here from CO and I am also looking for folks to ride with on occasions. I have been riding for yrs, but my job and travel keep my fitness level low. My family schedule is a little difficult to coordinate around and I usually ride as early in the day as possible or after work. I have ridden McDowell Mtns, South Mtn and Phx Mtn Preserve (down the street from me) and I am going out to Cave Creek Park on New Yrs Day. I work in the financial services industry as a manager trainee and am willing to travel around the city to try different rides. If you are interested, shoot me an email.
    Posted by Mark Robben a 30 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a 2001 Giant Rainer HT w/ dual discs from Phoenix, AZ currently on 12/31/01

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    • Re: Looking for riding partners
      I live near the Phoenix Mtn. Preserve and ride in that area 5 to 6 days a week. We also tend to go for epic rides once a month or so. Did the IMBA 2000 epic ride in Patagonia AZ (Kentucky Camp) this last saturday. So.. perhaos you'd be interested in riding with us

      Posted by Zornesj a 43 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Uhm.... Cannondale Jekyll 3000 and Titus Racer-x from Phoenix, AZ on 01/14/02

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